Usually, our clients have an idea and are looking to us to help realize it. We start by listening carefully and we will do some research. We’ll tell you what we think and we may challenge your idea.

First step: Quick draft

If we decide to take on your project, we come up with a quick draft. It’s what others might call a quote, but we don’t believe in this concept. Don’t get us wrong; we know really well how to make realistic estimations.

That’s why we think it wouldn’t be fair: if we actually did quote, you’d most certainly end up paying more. Plus, we’d have to assume that your requirements will not change during the project – something we haven’t seen in the 15 years we’ve been doing this stuff. So instead we’ll tell you our rate and the time required for the project. This way, you’ll know what to expect and you can be sure you’re not paying more than what you get. Honestly, whenever you sign a fixed price project, it can’t be fair: it’s either them or you losing. We want our relationship to be based on mutual trust and fairness; it makes a lot more sense.

Second step: Create a Minimum Viable Product & iterate

We’ll track every aspect of the project then we’ll communicate internally and with your team. When we say internally, what we really mean is “between the people on our team”. We don’t communicate privately. Everything will be open and transparent so you’ll know what’s going on. We’ll also track our hours – down to the minute – to keep you in the loop about the project’s budget.

We start out by building the simplest thing that might possibly work and show it to you as early as possible. We like to hear your feedback all the time and we will continuously improve and iterate until we’re ready to launch.

And then: let’s Launch!

If at all possible, we’ll suggest a very early launch. You may be surprised, we’ll propose to launch even earlier than you’d asked us for – way before our assignment is finished.

But don’t be afraid: your earliest users will provide valuable feedback and if we listen carefully and respond to their needs, they may become your most loyal brand ambassadors!

So with us, after the launch really is before the launch. We believe a good product can never be finished. Of course, we’ll also be there to help run, improve, scale, secure, backup and grow your business.