Electronic Diary

Objective is to provide an electronic assistant to every Lawyer, to let them easily manage their case schedules, case and client information. It also reminds them for the upcoming dates. The electronic diary offers many advantages over the traditional paper one. It allows you to save unlimited cases, yet find them much more easily. It reminds you automatically and can be accessed anywhere be it over mobile or PC.

Daily Hearing List

Lawyers Diary understands your needs and thus has the daily hearing list available at home page. The application allows you to look the cases of any of the date and print them easily for your reference in the court or to provide to your assistants. It also serves the purpose of updating it in offline mode; the printed report has specific space for it, thus allowing your assistant to update in the application later in the day. The Lawyers Diary ensures you that you can find the information quickly and easily, ensuring you can look cases of any of the date or between two dates.

Tech Savvy and paperless

Now you can say bye to your paper diary and truly embrace technology. No more fear of losing diary and hence the data or someone peeping into your data.

Manage Unlimited Cases (As per Fair Usage Policy)

Now there is no need of maintaining different diaries for recording your cases over years. Lawyers Diary enables you to save and manage unlimited cases, making it one source of information for you. Here you can record unlimited cases with case, client and hearing details & other details.

Smart ways to Search Cases

Lawyers Diary is built with single reason to help you out and save your time. Finding information can be very time consuming and thus we ensure that this is not a problem with Lawyers Diary. It comes with general search feature as well giving you freedom to quickly search any of the cases. There are various parameters based on which cases can be searched like, Party Name, Lawyer Name or Next Hearing Date.

Manage Communication with Client

Client communication is very important and also it is effective to maintain a good relationship with clients. In today's world, where client is equally demanding and thus has need of being updated regularly, consumes lot of your time in communication or reminding. Lawyers Diary solves this problem by sending SMS one day before the next date. It allows you to control the communication, you can set for client whether to send SMS or not. You can also set the sending of SMS to All/Some/None in your firm.

Manage Documents Online

You can manage the documents related to cases online. You can Scan documents and upload it through the Lawyers Diary application which you can access anywhere and at anytime. No need to carry papers.

All Case Details at one Place

With Lawyers Diary, get rid of maintaining different diaries to manage your daily schedule & tracking your cases. All your case details are available at your fingertips, you can Add Client's Personal details, Case Details related to that client which include court type, case type, opposing lawyer detail and many other relevant fields and Hearing Details like Filling Date, Next Date & Previous Date of Case.

Customizable Masters

The objective of the Lawyers Diary is to provide an electronic assistant to every advocate so; it is customizable according to your needs. You can customize Courts List, It include the courts that you want to put in your lists where you represent the cases, Case Types, the various types of cases which you deal with like civil case, criminal case and likewise are included here and Case Stages, here you have to add the progress level at which your case has reached. This makes data entry easy and fast also helps the application to learn, your terminology rather you are forced to adapt to the application.

Client Contact Details

Lawyers Diary allows you to manage client's details including contact information, along with case, making it easier to manage.

Easy Maintenance

Lawyers Diary is built using latest technologies thereby making it easier for you to own and use. The application being available over internet can run on any PC capable of running browser thus doesn't force you to update your PC, although you can still use the latest software.

Access to Staff

It is a best suited product for Lawyers and Law firms, the application allows easy collaboration between colleagues. It has all security features in built making you in control and to decide what to share with whom. The collaboration feature ensures that data is entered only once but everyone has updated information. With this tool, firms can manage the cases between Lawyers easily.

Access on Smart Phones, PC & Tablets

Now you can access your diary and all details over multiple devices, starting from PC to Smart phone (Android/ Windows / Iphone/ Blackberry), thus making information available to you everywhere. The Lawyers Diary uses the latest technology and hence ensures data will remain same on every device. You need to enter data only once and you can update from any of the device. Thus you can update the case details while you are in the court room.

User Hierarchy Management

While adding user you can specify whether he or she is Lawyer/Sub-Lawyer/Trainee/Intern. This will automatically grant them some access rights. Like Masters can be updated only by the users having role as “Lawyer’. Like this there are lots of functionalities which are restricted as per the assigned role.