Testing solutions are linked directly to cost, quality and time to market metrics. Across organizations, the complexity of the IT environment is increasing dramatically – legacy systems, in-house solutions and third-party offerings. Apart from integration issues, organizations are also facing challenges like reduced performance and prolonged time-to-market. Ensuring that the systems and applications are tested and validated will help organizations deploy releases faster and positively affect business revenue, credibility of the organization and customer satisfaction.

We leverage our best practices, reusable assets, comprehensive test repository of templates, flexible delivery models, and 24x7 support to ensure better, faster, and cost-effective quality assurance of the client’s applications. Through an extensive service portfolio, we offer Advisory/ Consultancy, Execution, Knowledge Management and Assessment services to our clients that span a multitude of application domains, technology areas and testing types.

We offer -
  • Pre-Release Testing Services.
  • Post Release Testing Services.