We understand that for any web development project to be successful it involves a proper understanding between you and our team. We have created a Project Development Methodology through which we can achieve quick results and at the same time be sure that Communication is always proper between our teams.

Description of our Entire Project Development Lifecycle in verious steps
1. Discover
  • Interactions

    There are a lot of interactions between our teams as we try to understand what really you are looking at.

  • Questionnaires

    We like to frame a set of question relevant to your project that you can answer back.

  • Vision Document

    You will get a project version Document that summarizes all the conversations we have had regarding the project and fill from the basis of project requirement.

2. Define
  • Site Map

    A sitemap is a page that lists links to all the different pages on your website and show how they are related to each other.

  • Wire Frames

    While the Sitemap gives you the idea of overall site structure, the wireframes capture the page structure in detail and define the layout for all the pages that appear on your sitemap. It is a skeletal rendering of every click-through possibility on your site.

3. Design
  • Design Sketches

    We present at least 2 design options, including a home-page and a sub-page for you to choose frame. The designs are uniquely created for you will have a unique identity on the web.

  • Revision Process

    While you will share your feedback, we keep working to improve it keeping your satisfaction in mind.

  • Other Pages

    Based on the approved design we further create other key pages on your site for you to review. This starts giving you an indication about how your site will look.

4. Detail
  • Database Diagrams

    The heart of any powerful web application. Our database diagram will define each table, field and the relation between them. It is created by our database Architects.

  • Functional Specifications

    The Functional space will have details of various modules or Functions in the project and a brief overview of how it would be handled plus a suggestion of variable Name. All the components are detailed out. We have not written a single line of code till now.

5. Develop
  • Source Code

    Behind all those beautiful web applications, there is a powerful program that works exactly the way it is supposed to. Our programmers ensure that. If you want to get technical with us, you can ask to have a look at this too.

  • Regular Reviews

    A team of expert, not directly working on project, does the code review regularly to make sure that proper coding conventions are being followed.

6. Debug
  • Issue Tracking

    A very handy tool that will let you report any bug that you see during development so that we can take care of it. The software is tough and would keep reminding us of those bugs till we finally fix them. You would be able to track the status.

  • Mock Trials

    Once the project is complete, it is time to simulate the real environment. We try to test the applications with various inputs, heavy-duty staff so that we can be sure it works across all set of conditions.

7. Deploy
  • Project Files

    Once the project is complete and signed off, you get all the code and related files for the project. It is your property after all.

  • Site Maintenance

    Site Maintenance Training
    We will give you step by step instructions and training document to keep your site to ensure that updating your site will be a snap.

  • Feedback

    We have worked really hard and it would also not be possible to complete it without your inputs all along the project. Why don’t you leave some feedback for us to help us improve or maybe just motivate us.